Chairman Statement

Dear fellow countrymen

The country is passing a very challenging situation. Dealing with such a situation can lead to emerging from recession, reducing the inflation rate, increasing the non-oil exports, and taking steps toward sustainable and progressive development.
Benefiting from experienced and efficient mangers, Bank of Industry and Mine has been tasked with the provision of finance for implementing manufacturing, industrial, and mining projects within the framework of policies of the government of prudence and hope.
My colleagues and I have been making any effort to offer different modern banking services as well as consultation to industrialists and economic entrepreneurs in order to help them start and implement manufacturing plans with the goal of boosting the country’s gross domestic product and non-oil exports.
I pray Almighty God to assists us to be committed to the goal and I wish a promising and rosy future for the Islamic nation.

Ali-Ashraf Afkhami
Chairman and managing director

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