• Tehran - Qom - Isfahan Express
    Railway Electrification of Tehran - Mashhad
  • Masjed soleyman Petrochemical Project
    ILam Petrochemical Project
    Mahabad Petrochemical Project
    Lorestan Petrochemical Project
  • Bank of Industry and Mine has embarked on financing cement production projects with the goal of meeting the domestic market’s
    demands and exporting products to the neighboring countries. Some of the financed projects have come on stream.
  • The steel industry, as one of the fundamental and basic industries in the national industrial
    and economic development, has been always supported by Bank of Industry and Mine.
  • Mah Taab Kahnooj Power Plant
    Mah Taab Caspian Power Plant / Noshahr
    Mapna Khuzestan Power Plant / Behbahan
    Kermanian Power Plant / Sirjan
  • Bank of Industry and Mine has provided operating capital, fixed capital, and other financial facilities for industrialists in the car
    industry and has played an effective part in supporting the industry which has created over 800,000 direct and indirect jobs.
  • Allocating a percentage of financial facilities for the textile industry shows Bank of Industry and Mine’s attention to meet demands
    of the industry to raw materials, renovation and reconstruction of machinery, and establishment of new factories.