BIM Finances Large Projects in Alborz Province

In the Government of Prudence and Hope, BIM has paid 27,500 billion rials to the large projects of Alborz Province, which has been worth 200 million euros in exchange facilities and 9,500 billion rials in the form of rial facilities.According to BIM’s Information Center, pointing to the important role of the bank had in financing the major industrial projects of the province in the presence of a number of branches’ colleagues yesterday, Hossein Mehri, BIM’s chairman and managing director who visited Alborz Province said, ‘In the first place, we will employ all the potentials and capacities of the bank in order to finance the projects’ working capital.’BIM’s chairman and managing director maintained, ‘The current need of the country is to increase domestic production and move towards self-sufficiency. Therefore, the time schedules of projects until the exploitation and production of the final product are of special importance and the next priority of this bank is the completion of half-finished projects so that they may enter the production cycle.’ Mehri stated, ‘The developmental projects of existing industrial units and the support of knowledge-based projects and export-oriented schemes are among other priorities of the bank.’He added,’ In order to facilitate and expedite the provision of financial services, the plan to renovate and modernize the governor's building in the province will be put on the agenda with the aim of better reaching the bank's stakeholders and customers, and the bank's companies will be deployed in this building in order to create synergy between different sectors and provide favorable services.’At the end, BIM’s chairman and managing director added, ‘In order to direct the resources toward the right direction, it is necessary for all colleagues to use the high potential of the bank as a specialized bank in the field of industry and mine and be a reliable consultant for investors and entrepreneurs, based on their knowledge and experience.’ The BIM’s chairman and managing director and his companies continued to visit projects including Electronic Afzar Azma, Faravari Fructose Nab and Saman Atlas Industry which were funded by this bank.

Publish Date: 2018 / 12 / 19