Providing Employment for 1,500 People in Ardabil Province with BIM’s Facilities

During a visit from industrial units of Ardabil province on Tuesday, BIM’s chairman & managing director said, ‘the bank has created 1,500 job opportunities for people in this province through investing 5,000 billion rials in the Government of Prudence and Hope.’According to BIM’s Information Center, Hossein Mehri, BIM’s chairman and managing director added, ‘This investment was in line with the establishment of production units, developmental projects of industrial units and the provision of working capital.’Referring to the fact that 25 percent of employment in Ardabil Province is related to the industrial sector, he stated, ‘BIM is ready to provide the capital and credit that the province’s investors require.’Mehri emphasized, ‘Every industrial unit that has problems in the field of finance and financial issues will be supported by BIM. To this end, BIM has developed a diagnostic clinic in order to identify the capabilities and capacities of the provinces so that the manufacturing and industrial units will not face any difficulties entering the competitive market.’Also, referring to the fact that the bank has invested 550 thousand billion rials in the industry and mine sector over the past five years, he also added, ‘Through the finance, the bank has allocated 19 billion euros of credit to various projects, some of which are exploited, some are under construction and some other are at the stage of attracting finance.’
As Mehri mentioned, the bank also has investments in infrastructure including transportation projects, energy projects, water supply for desalinations, petrochemicals and aircraft purchases. In this visit, Mehri visited Arta Pelast Co., Arta Wheel Tire, Azar Sarooj, Rooyaye Haft Aseman Sabalan and Mayvan Khodro Co. (Mini Bus Production) in Ardabil Province.

Publish Date: 2018 / 12 / 12