The First Phase of Fatak Chemistry Pharmaceuticals Co. Was Exploited with BIM’s Facilities

Concurrent with the president and the government cabinet journey to Semnan Province, the first phase of Fatak Chemistry Pharmaceuticals Co., a pharmaceutical company producing pills and capsules, was exploited with 13 million & 293 thousand euros of BIM’s exchange facilities of and 128 billion rials of the bank’s rial facilities. According to BIM’s Information Center, this pharmaceutical plant was opened with the presence of Minister of Health and Medical Education, Hassan Ghazizadeh Hashemi. The project will create 130 job opportunities in its first phase, and with the launch of the second phase, 350 opportunities jobs will be directly created.This pharmaceutical plant is established with a capacity of 600 million tablets and 180 million capsules annually in the first phase. Its annual production capacity will be 200 million tablets, 360 million capsules, 60 million sterile injection vials and 6 million oral powder in the second phase. Moreover, 180 billion rials of BIM’s facilities have been allocated to this project in order to provide its working capital. It should be noted that the construction of pharmaceutical plants in the country and moving towards more self-sufficiency in this pivital industry, is of particular importance both in terms of economic and strategic in providing people’s health during sanctions.

Publish Date: 2018 / 12 / 05