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Realization of Smart Banking at BIM By 2024

BIM’s Managing Director: By 2024, Digital and Intelligent Banking System Will Be Set up at This Bank.
According to BIM’s Information Center, quoting YJC, while announcing the above issues, Dr. Mehri stated, ‘Currently, digital and smart banking project has been initiated at this bank and its roadmap has been designed.’
He added, ‘We intend to fully operationalize this project by 2024 through personalizing products and designing new services based on the needs of each customer and diversifying the portfolio of products and services of this bank.’
Dr. Mehri emphasized, ‘After the announcement of the "Future Banking and Digital Transformation" document by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Finance in 2019, the bank focused its priority on the implementation of this document, and it introduced four new products and services to its customers including SADAF (digital process system), HADAF (mobile digital process), PAT (online acceptance of facility applications), and SAHEB (limited bank credit system) in order to create digital banking infrastructure and facilitate the provision of novel banking services, and the development of these services will continue to achieve customer-orientation.’
He stated, ‘SADAF is the new generation of BIM’s Internet banking system. This system has been launched to meet customers’ needs to implement banking processes remotely based on open banking; HADAF is the new BIM’s mobile banking system, which has provided a new approach in the field of digital banking with high operational speed so that the customer can personalize the banking services capabilities based on his business.’
Dr. Mehri explained, ‘PAT is the new internet-based system for accepting facility applications; one of the features of this system is the electronic gathering of customer information and its transfer to the core banking system, and SAHEB is a limited bank credit system providing the credit limit process to the customer remotely.’
Referring to the importance and necessity of the transition from traditional banking and the realization of digital transformation, he noted, ‘Digitalization of banking services means the automation of processes and web-based services to increase the quality of responding to the customers’ needs, reduce banking costs, and enhance transparency and security by employing very accurate data on customer needs.’ 
In the end, BIM’s managing director emphasized the need for comprehensive cooperation of employees in different departments of the bank to identify the needs of customers of this specialized bank; he said, ‘In addition to equipping infrastructure, we need to change organizational culture and specialized training for digital banking so that customers can receive services and facilities digitally without referring to the bank.’

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